Get inspired!

Here you can browse through a variety of garden designs. Just click on the garden you would like to investigate.  Mouse over any plant and the name will appear by magic. Click on any plant  and you will taken to that particular plant page where you can purchase them directly. Explore, enjoy, and get inspired. These are large images so it works best on a large screen.

garden map 8Heres a shot of some of our field stocks.

garden map 7A semicircle of succulents planted right in front of our greenhouse to beautify it.

garden map 4A large aloe spicata growing next to a large rock.

garden map 5African Milk Bush and a large vanbalenii sit next to a large rock.
garden map 3Build a colorfull assortment of succulents just like this one!
garden map 2A host of colorfull succulents growing in decomposed granit