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About Mail Order

Don Gives a video demonstration on how we pack up succulents.

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Shipping Policies

Minimum order: $25

Where we ship: We ship domestic US orders only, except Hawaii and Florida. (We apologize in advance to our overseas plant friends, the CITES paper work is too much.)

Method of Shipment: All orders are shipped bareroot. Your plants get shipped out within two weeks of receipt of your order, but most get shipped out within a few days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee arrival times. We use UPS Ground with delivery confirmation, takes 3-4 days. We will send you an e-mail so you can prepare to receive them.

Shipping costs can add up. Our plants are grown outside and are much larger, weigh more, and are more difficult to wrap than soft greenhouse grown plants.

Policy on Returns: If you receive an unsatisfactory plant, return it within 10 days of receipt for replacement, refund or credit as desired.

Shipping to Cold Climates: We pack plants to withstand moderate cold during shipment. Customers receiving plants in places colder than Zone 8 should be prepared to provide some form of winter protection for their plants. Check your hardiness zone.

Further Points.

  • Packing schedule – Plants are shipped out within one week of receiving them, usually sooner.
  • Method – We use UPS Ground and wrap plants in standard butcher paper.
  • When will I recieve plants? – Could be up to two weeks but usually much sooner. we send tracking numbers out along with shipment so you can track order.
  • Winter Shipments – Be sure to include some heat packs in your order to keep packages warm.
  • Summer shipments – We provide plenty of packing material. Avoid ordering during heat waves though.
  • Our Guarantee – We cannot guarantee the survival of any plants once planted. We do our best to provide correctly named and healthy plants to promote your project. Minor breakage can occur during shipment. If you have any issues please drop us a message here and we will be in touch.
  • Our Terms – Here are the technicalities of it all in pdf.
  • Usual questions answered usually here in FAQ