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Agave and Related Plants For Sale

These fierce and outspoken plants were originally found only in the New World. Agaves are also the universal source of materials and products of the early mesoamericans. Paper, juice, food, clothing, pulque, you name it, an agave made it! at our nursery we have a very nice assortment of  Agave plants for sale.

Begining succulent collectors have as one of their first challenges to tell the difference between an Agave and an Aloe. Here is how you can tell. Break an agave leaf in half and you will see very thick and tough agave fibers. This material is used to make rope. Break an aloe leaf in half and you will see a very juicy mucilagenous substance. In time, with experience, the structure and charisma of the plant will tell you. Another way to tell is where they come from. Agaves come from the New World (The Americas) and Aloes come from the Old World (Africa?)

Additionally Agave interest has exploded recently. Here  are some possible reasons for this.

  • The use of Agaves as food crop for a world undergoing climate change.
  • The use of Agaves as a drought tolerant landscape plant.
  • The increased sophistication of plant collectors taking an interest in these fascinating plants. People love to collect these plants in spite of their fierceness! Come check out our Agave collection. We have lots of agave plants for sale!
  • Many new botique mescal distillerys have regional specialties that use agaves that are native to their regions whereas many of these plants are just interesting in their own right.
  • These Century Plants are also being investigated for the possible use in ethanol production.