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Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’


Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’ is an exotic, drought-tolerant agave native to Mexico. Leaves are arranged in a rosette formation and are lined with thorns on their edges and tips. At maturity, Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’ produces a stunning branch out of its center that is covered with yellow flowers.

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Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’

Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’, also know as the Rough Agave, is an exotic hard agave with blue-green colored leaves. Leaves are arranged in a rosette formation and are lined with thorns on their edges and tips. Thorns are darker in color than the leaves and range from a deep indigo to a shade of black or brown. 

This agave typically grows up to 4 feet in diameter in cultivation. In other words, each leaf can reach a length of 3 feet and a width of 6 inches. A stunning stalk emerges from the center of the Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’ at maturity and about 20 groupings of yellow tubular flowers cover the top of it. 

Furthermore, this branch typically reaches about 20 feet in height. The rosette will slowly die as a result of blooming, however, it may remain standing for up to a year. Its seeds scatter far and wide during this time.  

Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’ originates from Southern Texas and Durango, Mexico and is therefore very drought tolerant. For instance, plant this agave in full sun to light shade in loose or rocky, well draining soil.

Slightly acidic soil is an additional benefit to its growth. It is susceptible to disease when sitting in moist or wet soil for extended periods of time. Therefore, water sparingly and allow the soil to dry fully in-between waterings. 

While the Lamparillo agave does not make a suitable houseplant, it grows in a container successfully. However, the container must be large enough to allow room for the offsets, or pups, to grow in the soil. The container additionally must be strong enough to support the agave if it grows to full size or blossoms. 


Horticultural Data

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  • Names and Synonyms: Agave asperrima Jacobi ‘Lamparillo’
  • Common Names: Lamparillo, Rough Agave, Rough Leaved Agave, Rough Century Plant
  • Family: Asparagaceaus
  • Origin: Southern Texas; Durango, Mexico
  • Size Label: 1 Gallon
  • Height: 20′
  • Width: 5′
  • Cold Tolerance: 20 to 50°F; -6.7 to 10°C
  • Heat Tolerance: High
  • Light Requirement: Full sun to light shade.
  • Water needs: Very drought tolerant. To clarify, water the Agave asperrima Jacobi infrequently and ensure that soil has completely dried in between waterings.
  • Maintenance: Remove dead leaves.
  • Uses: Brings height and geometric interest to succulent or cactus gardens and xeriscapes.
  • Propagation: Divide and replant pups or propagate through seeds from the flowers.
  • Problems: Thorns can be dangerous, especially on mature Agave asperrima Jacobi. Plant away from a walkway. Additionally, Agave asperrima Jacobi is susceptible to weevils so be sure to check regularly for these pests.
  • Special notes: Flowers produce sweet honey-like nectar when pressed.

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