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Aloe Plants For Sale

Serra Gardens has a very nice assortment of aloe plants for sale.

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular of medicinal plants. The new exotic plant collector must be careful and pay close attention to possible toxic properties of plant juices! Are you absolutely sure that plant is aloe vera?

plant enthusiasts  enjoy a profusion of  unusual forms and colors in aloes. We have also really enjoyed propagating and providing aloe plants for sale.

Aloes in the Landscape

Aloes come very small like aloe brevifolia (about 2-4 inches). Conversely, a  large Aloe barberae can reach 40′ plus in height and a trunk girth of over 5′. Large aloes can damage concrete and house foundations. Surely, one should  plan ahead when situating large aloes.

Aloes have tremendous plant “Charisma” that makes them excellent focal points in the garden. In addition, birds really appreciate the many wintertime flowers. A real treat when little else is available.

Our aloe plants for sale have many forms. Here are some generalized shapes they can take.

  • Grassy aloes sprawling creeping climbing etc. Such as Aloe gracilis.
  • Solitary aloes just growing singly on their own.
  • Bushy aloes forming shrubs or mound shapes. Like Aloe spicata
  • Giant multi headed tree forming aloes such as Aloe barberae.
  • Single headed tree forming aloes like such as Aloe thraskii AKA Coast Aloe.

Propagation is done through offsets and seed. Aloes love to party! and Aloes are very promiscuous in the garden and hybridizing easily. New forms provide excitement and hybrid vigor. Come visit and enjoy a party of aloe plants for sale. 

 Consequently, a question that is frequently asked is. “Which aloe is that?”Obviously it’s hard to tell for sure after  many generations of open hybridization. Never the less, the resulting offspring can be stunning and hardy.

Summing up, plant enthusiasts are often delighted to find such a nice selection of aloe plants for sale here at Serra Gardens.