Aloe acutissima variety acutissima

  • Aloe acutissima variety acutissima
  • acutissima var. acutissima develops very striking tones of pink and red.
  • Red flowers are displayed on slender stalks.
  • Stays low to about 24"

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A rare aloe species from Madagascar found growing among rocks and scanty soil in its native habitat. Thrives in California’s rich soil with little care and water needed. A low grower that reaches 18′ tall with slender stalks and multiple heads. Best when planted in groups of three or more to fully appreciate striking lilac foliage.

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Aloe acutissima variety acutissima

  • Names and Synonyms:  
    Aloe acutissima
  • Common Names:  
    Blue Aloe
  • Family:  
  • Origin:  
    Madagascar, specifically, the south west coast of the island, where it grows on rocks and shallow soils
  • Size Label:  
    1 Gallon
  • Height:  
  • Width:  
  • Cold Tolerance:  
    25 to 30°F; -3.9 to -1.1°C
  • Heat Tolerance:  
    Very high
  • Light Requirement:  
    Part to full sun
  • Water needs:  
    Very drought tolerate. Can take light irrigation, but it has better leaf color if kept dry
  • Maintenance:  
    Remove spent flowers and leaves if desired. This is a shrubby, fast growing species which can fill an area in a few years, after which it slowly spreads in all directions. It may need cutting back in smaller, well-planned landscapes.
  • Uses:  
    Succulent and cactus gardens, xeriscape plantings. Dry borders and rock gardens. Does well in pots too, provided soil drains well.
  • Propagation:  
    Separate offsets or rooted stems. Collect and sow seeds
  • Special notes:  
    This is an attractive branching aloe that has beautiful pink and bluish hued leaf coloration in full sun. The primary leaf color is pale turquoise, with other colors coming about in response to various stresses (heat, cold, drought, sun burn). Its recurved leaves are somewhat narrow and armed on the margins with triangular reddish-brown teeth. Aloe acutissima spreads from the center out in 6 to 10 inch rosettes that in time become a wide shrub. The pretty orange-red winter flowers are borne on single spikes which rise a foot above the colored foliage and are attractive to hummingbirds.