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Frequently asked questions


How do I find out what USDA Zone I’m in?

Just Click on this USDA zone finder link. You’ll need to type in a Capcha and your zip code,  then your zone will be displayed. You can use it to refine your search by selecting your zone from among the categories in the right sidebar of the archive pages.

What is the best soil mix for succulents?

Most succulents will grow in just about any well draining mix with a lower (more acidic) PH. Good drainage is the most important feature. Here at Serra Gardens we use about 1/2 to 2/3rds of 1/4″ agricultural grade pumice plus well decomposed garden debris. If you’re not up to blending your own mix the store bought “Cactus Mix” works just fine.
There are some succulents that are very specific about their needs but generally speaking it is best to error on the side of good drainage.

What should I feed my plants?

Never feed a newly potted plant. That may rot it. Wait a few weeks at least. That said, succulents will often benefit from a small amount of slow release Osmocote of about 1/2 strength. Too much nitrogen can ruin your plants so try and avoid high nitrogen. Nitrogen is usually indicated as the first number of the NPK numbers on every fertilizer label. Get numbers like that are flat like 15,15,15 or 9,9,9.

Will my plants survive outside?

This usually depends on how cold it gets at your location and how mature your plants are. Larger plants do better in a harsh environment whereas smaller plants may require some nursery care until they are mature enough and stronger.


What Credit Cards do You Accept?

You can pay with any credit credit card. A Paypal account is not required.

Can I come to the nursery, select my plants and then have you ship them?

No. Everyone is welcome to come to the nursery and cherry pick plants but you must take them with you.


How do you ship during cold season?

If the temperature is expected to be 20° to 35°F in your area during the time your plants will be in transit, then we recommend you add some UniHeat Shipping Warmers to your order. Shipping Warmers really help prevent freezing during shipment. Here’s how to tell how many shipping warmers to put in your order.
For 7-11 plants add one warmer.
For 12-23 plants add two warmers.
For every additional 20 plants add two more.
If the temperature is expected to be below 20°F, then you should also ship your plants using UPS 3 Day Select. At this temperature it’s just too cold, even for the warmers. We recommend using this faster shipping with signature required so your package does not sit outside in the cold. Be prepared to track and receive your order.
We are not responsible for freezing during shipping.

How do you ship plants?

We ship using UPS Ground. It seems the most economical way to go.

How will my plants be packaged?

We use copious amounts of butcher paper and larger size boxs to provide plenty of padding and insulation. All plants are bare root.

When will I receive my order?

UPS usually takes about three days for nearby, here in California and about 4-5 days to far away states like New York.

When will you ship my plants?

We try and get all orders shipped out on Thursday. If we recieve your order early Thursday morning we can usually get it packed and shipped that same day. If we receive your order on Saturday then it will get packed and shipped the following Thursday.