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Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’


Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ is a lush, rosette-forming succulent with thick, circular leaves. Mature plants form a round mound of rosettes and are about 1’ tall and about 3’ wide.

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Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’

The Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ is a lush rosette-forming succulent. Rosettes are formed by overlapping thick green leaves that are almost circular in shape. In other words, each leaf truly does look similar to a lily pad in shape and color. 

Each stem produces many branches with rosettes at the tip. Consequently, mature plants are a round mound of rosettes and are about 1’ tall and about 3’ wide. Individual rosettes additionally grow to become 5-6” in diameter. 

Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ does not flourish in high, dry temperatures. For example, excess heat will cause the plant’s leaves to curl up, lose water, and turn a yellow-orange color on the edges. Lily Pad aeoniums therefore prefer bright shade or partial sun. 

Plant this aeonium in well draining soil and water a couple times a month, ensuring that the soil dries completely prior to each watering. Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ makes a lovely addition to a succulent or cacti garden as well as a great houseplant. 

However, if planting indoors, ensure that it will receive bright light and that it’s soil will not remain moist for long periods of time. Furthermore, if Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ is planted in a container, replant it with fresh soil every 2-3 years.


Horticultural Data

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  • Names and Synonyms: Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’
  • Common Names: Lily Pad
  • Family: Crassulaceae
  • Origin: Hybrid of A. bethencourtianum and A. lindleyi
  • Size Label: 1 gallon
  • Height: 12″
  • Width: 3′
  • Cold Tolerance: 20 to 50°F; -6.7 to 10°C
  • Heat Tolerance: Low
  • Light Requirement: Can tolerate full sun in the winter or cooler seasons. However, it typically requires bright shade or partial sun as it will burn up in constant hot sun.
  • Water needs: Minimal water is required, however, water enough to keep leaves from shriveling and loosing water. Allow soil to dry fully before each watering.
  • Maintenance: Remove dead blossoms, prune leggy or old stems.
  • Uses: Adds great texture and bulk to xeriscapes or succulent and cacti gardens.
  • Propagation: Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ can propagates via leaves, cuttings, as well as seeds.
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