Sarcostemma viminale

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Sarcostemma viminale

  • Names and Synonyms:  
    Cynanchum tetrapterum, Apocynum viminale Bassi ex Schult., Sarcostemma aphyllum, Sarcostemma tetrapterum, Euphorbia viminalis
  • Common Names:  
    Rapunzel plant
  • Family:  
  • Origin:  
  • Size Label:  
    1 Gallon
  • Height:  
  • Width:  
  • Cold Tolerance:  
    25 to 30°F; -3.9 to -1.1°C
  • Heat Tolerance:  
    Very high heat tolerance
  • Light Requirement:  
    Full sun
  • Water needs:  
    Very drought tolerant but is a taller, more lush plant with irrigation.
  • Maintenance:  
  • Uses:  
    An interesting plant for succulent, cactus and rock/cliff gardens and spilling over dry walls. It also does well in hanging containers.
  • Propagation:  
    This plant can be grown from seed or root divisions.
  • Problems:  
  • Special notes:  
    Sarcostemma viminale is an interesting succulent vine in the milkweed family. The rounded stems and branches scramble over the ground and through brush. Although it grows well in a dry environment, it can also be grown in a shadier riparian setting where the plant takes on a different appearance. Its flowers are arranged in spherical umbels of green and white and look like a typical asclepiad flower in form. Flowers are followed by carrot shaped seed pods. This plant has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes and is also being studied for cancer treatments.