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Five Signs You’re A Slave to Succulents

I’ve been growing succulents for over 30 years now. Though I haven’t logged the exact number of hours, sometimes I feel like a plant slave or horticulture zombie because I spend so much of my time caring for them and moving them around. I started Serra Gardens Landscape Succulents because I had so many plants. I either had to sell them or throw them away.

Why do I do it? Plants can be very persuasive. Though I’d like to tell you it’s not against my will, there is a possibility I’m laboring under some kind of botanical Stockholm Syndrome — that I’ve fallen in love with my captors!

However it happens, succulents have me under their spell. I’m simply drawn to them. I seem to have a mysterious line of communication with them. It’s a relationship…I care for them and they reveal their secrets.

How do you know if succulents have taken over your life? Here are five tell-tale signs

  1. You have more succulents than you have space for (and you keep buying or propagating more).
  2. If you run out of potting soil, you can always scoop some up from the floor of your car.
  3. You can’t pass a nursery without going in (just for a minute).
  4. You turn down invitations from humans because your plants really need some attention.
  5. When you’re not caring for actual plants, you spend time on plant-related social media, websites and blogs like this one.

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