Dasylirion wheeleri

  • 1 gallon plants
  • Leaf tips curl inward at the tip.
  • The Sotol grows very well in poor soils.
  • Leaves are barbed to protect against rodents.
  • 1 gallon plants
  • These 5 gallon plants are ready for the blistering sun!

1 gallon and 5 Gallon $10.80$24.50

Dasylirion gives the appearance of spraying water, like a fountain. We now have a good inventory of smaller plants available for shipping. We also have a large number of very fine boxed specimens that you view here.

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Dasylirion wheeleri

  • Names and Synonyms:  
    Dasylirion wheeleri var. wislizeni
  • Common Names:  
    Sotol, Desert Spoon, Spoon Flower
  • Family:  
  • Origin:  
    Mexico and southern Arizona
  • Size Label:  
    1 gallon and 5 Gallon
  • Height:  
  • Width:  
  • Cold Tolerance:  
    10 to 15°F, -12.2 to -8.4°C
  • Heat Tolerance:  
    Extremely heat tolerant
  • Light Requirement:  
    Full sun to very light shade
  • Water needs:  
    Very drought tolerant, but plant grows faster with some irrigation. Avoid watering the crown which can develop fungal rot.
  • Maintenance:  
    Trim older dead leaves to reveal trunk if desired.
  • Uses:  
    This plant has a hemispherical form and unique long sculptural leaves making it perfect for focal point specimen plantings and large containers. It is also great in xeriscapes and large succulent and cactus gardens. Over many years it forms a trunk and can reach 5 feet tall, though the trunk often lies recumbent on the ground. It is deer and rodent resistant.
  • Propagation:  
    Seed can be collected and sown after the plant flowers. This plant is dioecious so several plants are needed for it to set seed.
  • Problems:  
    Root and fungal rot in poor draining soils.
  • Special notes:  
    This is a beautiful yucca-like plant with long, narrow silver gray-green leaves arranged in a hemisphere. The leaves are armed with small golden marginal spines which are pretty when lighted from behind. This plant blooms in June with large spikes (10-15 feet tall) of white bell-shaped flowers. After flowering the plant branches to create several rosette heads. The inner part of the plants and the core of the flower stems are edible and can be used to make the alcoholic beverage sotol. The Tarahumara and Pima Bajo peoples of the Sierra Madre Occidental of Chihuahua weave baskets from the leaves after they strip off the spines.

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