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Deuterocohnia brevifolia var. chlorantha, small leaf


This interesting bromeliade forms a shape called a “polster” after many years. Limited quantities of the small leaf chlorantha variety available in 4-inch pots.

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Deuterocohnia brevifolia var. chlorantha, small leaf

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Deuterocohnia brevifolia is a bromeliad that forms an interesting mounding ground cover. Deuterocohnia brevifolia grows by slowly dividing into a tight cushion-shaped colony. In its native environments, Deuterocohnia brevifolia is watered perhaps only twice a year, obtaining most of its moisture from the air itself obtaining extra moisture from ocean fogs that roll in.

The leaves of Deuterocohnia brevifolia are shiny green on top and lined on the underside. Throughout winter and early spring, the plant’s small tubular yellowish green flowers are born in small clusters nestled among the leaves, and are about an inch long.

Deuterocohnia brevifolia thrives as small-scale ground cover in rock, cactus or succulent gardens. This bromeliad also makes an interesting specimen plant in containers.

Grow your own Polster

Deuterocohnia brevifolia forms an interesting growth shape with age called a “polster” that resembles a cushion of plants all growing up on top of each other. After many years it resembles a cushion or pillow. Here at the nursery we refer to this large specimen as The Dudes Polster. Its been developing for about ten years. Great care must be taken when moving it around so as not to expose it to too much light and scorch the top.

Horticultural Data

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Names and Synonyms: Deuterocohnia brevifolia
Common Names: Abromeitiella brevifolia, Abromeitiella chlorantha, The Dude
Family: Bromeliaceae
Origin: Northwestern Argentina, Bolivia
Size Label: 1 Gallon
Height: 1-2″
Width: 1-2″
Cold Tolerance: 25 to 30°F; -3.9 to -1.1°C
Heat Tolerance: Extreme heat tolerance.
Light Requirement: Partial sun to shade in sunny hot desert climates.
Water needs: Drought tolerant, but grows better with some irrigation in summer. Does not like to have water on leaves in cold weather.
Maintenance: None
Uses: A nice plant for a small-scale groundcover in rock, cactus or succulent gardens. This bromeliad makes an interesting specimen plant in containers.
Propagation: Remove offset rosettes and replant. Also can be grown from seed.
Problems: Fungal rots from overwatering in poor draining soils – requires excellent drainage.
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There is a minimum purchase of any 4 plants for online orders. All plants shipped bare root. Other sizes may be available for pick up from our growing grounds in Fallbrook, CA. For more information, give us a call at 760-990-4762.
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