Echeveria agavoides Lipstick

  • Echeveria agavoides Lipstick
  • Echeveria agavoides Lipstick

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Echeveria agavoides Lipstick is a naturally occurring variant of Echeveria agavoides and is slightly smaller than many of its other cultivars. Like an agave, the leaves have a small spine on the tip.

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Echeveria agavoides Lipstick

  • Names and Synonyms:  
    Cotyledon agavoides, Urbinia agavoides, Echeveria yuccoides, Urbinia obscura, Echeveria obscura
  • Common Names:  
    Lipstick Echeveria
  • Family:  
  • Origin:  
    Native to rocky areas of in the states of San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Guanajuato and Durango, Mexico.
  • Size Label:  
    1 Gallon
  • Height:  
  • Width:  
  • Cold Tolerance:  
    15 to 20°F, -9.4 to -6.7°C
  • Heat Tolerance:  
    High heat tolerance.
  • Light Requirement:  
    Medium shade inland to full sun in cooler climates along the coast.
  • Water needs:  
    Very drought tolerant. Looks and grows better with some irrigation during the plant's spring to summer growing season.
  • Maintenance:  
    Remove spent flower stalks and dried lower leaves as desired. Use a slow release fertilizer in spring. If pot grown, the plant should be repotted every other year in spring.
  • Uses:  
    This plant is can be grown well in containers. It also works great in well-drained, xeriscape gardens or rock gardens in combination with other succulents.
  • Propagation:  
    This plant can be easily propagated from offsets and can also be grown from seed.
  • Problems:  
    Needs well-draining soil to avoid rot in cool weather. It is best kept on the drier side in cool winter weather. The plant will fail in water-logged soils. Aphids, common in spring and summer on the inflorescences can be controlled and dislodged with a gentle water jet.
  • Special notes:  
    This is an attractive succulent that forms clumps of rosettes. Individual rosettes are around 6 inches tall and up to a foot in width. The leaves are edged in a bright red 'lipstick' color. It is a naturally occurring variant of E. agavoides and is slightly smaller than many of its other cultivars. Like an agave, the leaves have a small spine on the tip. E. agavoides 'Lipstick' is fairly quick growing for an echeveria. It blooms in summer with red flowers tipped in yellow. The genus Echeveria was namedinto honor of Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy in 1828 by the French botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle. Echeverias comprise about 180 species and are native to mid to higher elevations in the Americas with the main distribution in Mexico and central America but extending as far north as southern Texas and as far south as Bolivia, Peru and possibly Argentina.

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