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Aeonium Cyclops ‘Giant Red Aeonium’


Aeonium Cyclops, or the Giant Red Aeonium, receives its name from the way that its tightly overlapped, green leaves resemble an eye in the center of the rosette.

Known for its dramatic crimson color and magnificent size, the Giant Red Aeonium is a spectacular plant.


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Aeonium Cyclops ‘Giant Red Aeonium’

The Aeonium Cyclops, also known as the Giant Red Aeonium, is a hybrid of Aeonium undulatum and Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’. One of the largest aeoniums in existence, this incredible succulent reaches about 4 feet in height and about 18″ in diameter. Large, dinner-plate shaped rosettes form at the top of a long, slender stem.

Newer, smaller leaves overlap more tightly in the center of the rosette and have very little crimson. Leaves on the edge of the rosette are longer, more spread out, and almost completely burgundy. Consequently, this creates an appearance of a singular green ‘eye’ in the center – hence the name Aeonium Cyclops.

The Giant Red Aeonium is drought tolerant, however, it cannot handle extreme heat or drought. During the summer, the Aeonium Cyclops tends to go dormant and curls up its leaves to prevent water loss. This plant is delicate and will become a vibrant red color when stressed. Consequently, if it is in full sun for long periods of time during the summer, the rosette will shrivel up into a ball.

With this in mind, it is crucial that Aeonium Cyclops receives light that is bright, but will not cause stress. Plant it in dappled shade or in a location that receives a couple hours of direct sunlight each day, for example. Do not plant in full sun.

Water minimally during the summer and more frequently during its winter growing season. However, ensure that the soil drys completely between watering. Aeonium are susceptible to root rot when in moist soil for extended periods of time.

Aeonium Cyclops function well as houseplants as long as they receive enough bright light, are not overwatered, and the pot is large enough to support the tall plant. Repot every couple of years with fresh soil to promote growth.


Horticultural Data

  • Names and Synonyms: Aenonium Cyclops 
  • Common Names: Giant Red Aeonium
  • Family: Crassulaceae
  • Origin: Hybrid of Aeonium undulatum and Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’
  • Size Label: Cuttings (mail order or nursery pick-up); full-grown rooted plants (nursery pick-up only)
  • Height: 4′
  • Width: 18″
  • Cold Tolerance: 25 to 50°F; -3.9 to 10°C
  • Heat Tolerance: Mild
  • Light Requirement: Partial to light shade.
  • Water needs: Mildly drought tolerant. To clarify, water the Aeonium cyclops only when that soil is completely dry. Water less frequently in the summer during its dormant season and more often during its growing season in the winter. 
  • Maintenance: Remove dead leaves.
  • Uses: Brings height and geometric interest to succulent or cactus gardens and xeriscapes.
  • Propagation: Root cuttings, divide and replant offshoots, or propagate through seeds from the flowers.
  • Problems: Susceptible to root rot if left in moist soil for long periods of time. Sensitive to excess heat and long periods of direct sunlight during summer.

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Shipping & Availability

Our in-ground Aeonium Cyclops are large and delicate, making them difficult to ship. Therefore, these specimens are available for nursery pick-up only. However, cuttings are available by for purchase by mail order as well as nursery-pickup.

However, when purchasing other plants on, there is a minimum purchase for online orders of at least 4 plants of any types. All plants are shipped bare root, however other sizes may be available for pick up from our growing grounds in Fallbrook, CA. For more information, give us a call at 760-990-4762.
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